The Grant Writers

A Past District Governor once said to me that until your Rotary Club receives a grant for one of its projects, the membership will not totally realize the power of Rotary and our foundation…The Rotary Foundation.  Already in our short history, we have received a District Grant for our support of  This grant was written mainly by the founder of, Hasan Khosravi, and then it was proofed by one of grant writers for submission to Rotary.  The grant was small, but the good it will do is immense. I guess you could say that this first step will be a learning platform for greater things to come.  But who are these grant writers who will forge us into District and Global grants of the future?  Who will see the implementation of these grants to their conclusion?  Let me introduce you to our esteemed team of “Certified Rotary Grant Writers”.

Dr. Anna Scott is an Upper School Science Instructor at Athens Academy.  She received her Ph. D  from the University of Georgia.  Anna has been the Interact Advisor, a Rotary sponsored club for middle and high school students, for Athens Academy for as long as I can remember. She has successfully written grants for over ten years and her total for written and implemented grants reaches into the $100,000’s.  In addition she is a mom and loving wife to our fellow Rotarian Trey Scott.

Amy Poulsen is an Instructor and Math Chairman at Lakeside Middle School. She received a Masters Degree in Math and Science from Valdosta State University and in May of 2013 she will receive an Education Specialist in Design, Research and Implementation from the same. She has written successful grants from such prestigious firms as Prudential, IBM, Hewlett Packard, Texas Instruments and Bank of America. She is a successful step-mom to fellow Rotarian Neil and loving wife to yours truly.

Rachel Hanson has a Masters degree from Georgia State University.  She is actively involved in writing education.  Perhaps our most experienced implementer of large grants, she collaborated and is in implementation of a $4,000,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Education.  Rachel is a mom and loving wife.

All three ladies started their certification process last spring.  Each had to watch over four hours of training programs, attend Leads and or the grant writing workshop in August and as Rachel just did, complete the satellite workshop in Athens.  President –Elect Chuck and myself completed the “MOU”, memorandum of understanding and as of Saturday November 10th, our club is now certified and qualified to write grant requests to The Rotary Foundation.

Yours in Rotary,

Mark P.

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12 Responses to The Grant Writers

  1. Thank you grant writers for your support! I don’t know what we would do without you

  2. ngapromotions says:

    Wow. We are lucky to these qualified individuals associated with our Club.

  3. alidwhittier says:

    Thank you, Mark, for the update! This is a tremendous asset to our club! Thank you and congratulations to those certified!

  4. Wow! We have some pretty amazing people and skill sets in our small group. Thank you for the grant information and briefings on everyone Mark. We are truly in a position to promote and support some positive change in the world around us. Is there something I/we can be doing to help Hasan?

  5. Sounds like a sharp group! Thank you all for your service

  6. Kristy Lott says:

    I am excited to see what kind of impact our e-club can have on Rotary as a whole! Three grant writers?! We will be unstoppable!

  7. Sherri B. says:

    What dedication! I’m so proud of you all!

  8. So very impressed with these talented, committed Rotarians! The grant writing workshops are a great idea – I like this notion of building the capacity of Rotarians to make a difference in many different ways in their own clubs and communities. I am not sure that the West Australian clubs have anything like this – we could learn much from initiatives such as these. Thanks for sharing and congratulations to these three fabulous Rotarians for their many successes.

  9. Anna K. Scott says:

    Well, I am feeling a bit of performance anxiety after that ridiculously positive introduction…..Thanks, Mark! Here’s to hoping we can affect big change at home and abroad….

  10. Chuck Hoover says:

    Keep in mind that the funds the grant writers apply for come from our own support of the rotary foundation. So the more we as Rotarians support the foundation the more the foundation can support us (as rotarians) and the projects we as a club choose to work on. The foundation is a great way to multiply oue own club’s effort and money with the matching grants for our projects. I would like for each of us to think about where else can you get a 25%-50% return on your investment overnight? It is simple as we all learn how to use the Rotary Foundation to support our projects by using the grant writers we have in our club. I do salute you all for using your talents in the service of Rotary.

  11. Lila Hammett says:

    That is terrific!!

  12. Trey Scott says:


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