The success of the E-Club of the South is unparalleled.  First of all keep in mind that we are not a year old from our charter date.  It took the commitment of two inventive founders, (Allan and Chris), to stir a traditional group of leaders in the District to try this form of club in our District.  We are the first E-Club in Georgia and the south.  Presently there are only 54 E-Clubs in the world. Next it took some crazy Rotarian, the size of two, to carry the Rotary wheel into this unfamiliar territory.  MOST IMPORTANTLY IT TOOK EACH AND EVERY ONE OF OUR MEMBERS TO MAKE A COMMITMENT TO OUR GREAT ORGANIZATION, Rotary International.  The board, (Chuck, Michael, Amy and Shawn) followed with great leadership and we are secretly the envy of many clubs.

Our community service is without equal.  Between our volunteering for Bethlehem Ministries, (Anna and Trey) and the food bank in Athens, United Way in Forsyth County (Mary), to valuable programs in Dalton, (Ali), Buckhead, (Sallie and Michael) and Perth, Australia, (Sarah).  Do not forget we offer the Friendliest Make-Ups in Rotary, (Chris and Neil) with all donations going directly to District 6910 Charities.

Our new generation programs with Advisor Anna and Sponsor/Advisor Amy have won numerous awards but most important provided hours of hands on service and fundraising.

Rotary e-Club of the South’s sponsorship of  has placed that organization as a worldwide leader in HIV/AIDS awareness and education (Hasan).  We are hopeful to be providing single use auto syringes in the near future to encompass the prevention aspect of this worldwide disease.

Fun and fellowship was the main theme at our four social gatherings, (Susan and Chuck).

The goal for our Rotary Foundation Fundraiser was far exceeded, (Ken and Mark)

Our membership stabilized and is now growing, (Sherri)

Rotary Engagement was highlighted by our participation in LEADS 2012 (seven), RLI (five), PETS (one) and District Conference (three).

Zone 34 and District 6910 also reached out to our club for leadership, Quentin continues to be one of the most successful Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI) Discussion Leaders, Amy was named Registration Chair for the 2014 District Conference and in addition to being a Director of RLI, I was made an Assistant Governor for a three-year term.

So who then are the heroes of our club?  IT IS EACH AND EVERY MEMBER OF OUR CLUB.  It is YOU.  Without YOU none of these accomplishments could have taken place.  Without YOU there would be no club.

Thank you E-Club of the South, you have truly made the world a better place.

Mark P

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  1. Anna K. Scott says:

    Let’s keep making it better! It is amazing what a group of service minded folks can accomplish. I’m proud to be a Rotarian and proud to be a part of the E club.

  2. Ali Whittier says:

    What a neat group! I’m honored to be a part of the e-club of the south!

  3. Sherri B. says:

    Onward and upward!

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