A word from our President Dr. Anna Scott

Scott Family

Pictured L to R:  Chip Scott (11), E Club Member Trey, Henslee (3), Katie (8), and President Anna

Fellow Rotarians,

I am so thankful for the E Club! Rotary runs deep with me.  I grew up in the Interact Club, weekly attending Rotary meetings with my Dad.  I have always known that I wanted to be a Rotarian! Who wouldn’t want to be on the team of the folks eradicating polio?  However, as a full time teacher and Interact Advisor at Athens Academy and part time Executive Director of Bethlehem Ministry, I couldn’t get to weekly meetings or afford a meal-centered club.   When I learned of the formation of the E club, I jumped at the chance to be a charter member!

This club has already helped a young Haitian girl, Wadline, attend school in Northern Haiti.  We have partnered with the Washington-Wilkes Rotary Club on a District Grant to stock pharmacy shelves at Clinique Esperance et Vie in Haiti. We have promoted and supported Ripple Effect, supporting HIV-AIDS education and awareness.  Our members have served in their communities in countless ways, and we have had fun!  While our only required meetings happen on line, we have found time to fellowship with each other.

The E-Club is still a fresh idea in Rotary International, and we are the only E Club in District 6910.  I am excited to be a part of this club as we chart our path toward promoting Service above Self.  RI President Gary wants us to Light up Rotary!  I know we can do that in the E Club, particularly because we make Rotary accessible to so many for whom it wouldn’t be otherwise!

I will be in touch with all members via email, but in the meantime I want to encourage you all to like our Public Facebook Page and enjoy and comment on our programs right here on our official blog.  You might like to peruse older entries, and get a sense of what our E Club has been up to!  Please let me know if I can be of service in any way!

In Service,


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4 Responses to A word from our President Dr. Anna Scott

  1. Chuck says:

    Very nice post Anna, I wish you and the club a great year!

  2. Sherri B. says:

    Glad we both found a home in the E-Club. Our club can be the Rotary answer for so many!

  3. Ali Whittier says:

    Anna, you are an inspiration! I love being a part of the E-Club! Rotary means SO MUCH to me and with everything going on in my life, it’s difficult to meet outside of the internet. Thank you for being such a great leader for something so innovative! Kudos to all my fellow E-Club members for all that you do!

  4. Matthew McKinley says:

    Glad to hear about the success of the raffle! Next time anyone is in Athens wave to the apartment complex behind the Arby’s on Broad St. as it is my old home from my grad school time at UGA.

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