E Club Welcomes New Members

Our club is thrilled to welcome AG (Assistant Governor) Leslie George and Ashley Rubio to membership in the E Club of the South!

Leslie is the current AG for Area 5 in our Rotary District, 6910. She is the Director of the North Georgia Resource Management Authority and a regional Keep America Beautiful Affiliate since 1989.    She was a founding member of the Banks County Rotary Club, and she serves on the building committee of the Humane Society of Jackson County.  She has been involved in many service organizations, and has a passion for finding forever homes for animals.

Ashley is the Community Outreach Coordinator for the North Georgia Resource Management Authority.  In this position, she travels and works in 3 counties.  She leads groups in working to improve their region.  She has a passion for art and for teaching art to children. She also volunteers to read at the local library during their summer program.

Welcome Leslie and Ashley!

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5 Responses to E Club Welcomes New Members

  1. Anna K. Scott says:

    I am excited we are welcoming new members! Happy to have you both! Also, it is just wonderful that despite never being able to regularly attend a bricks and sticks club, I get to fellowship with service-minded folks in this fabulous family of Rotary.

  2. Leo Lawrenson says:

    Two extremely fine additions to our roster, and a third on the way!

  3. Leslie j George says:

    Thank you so much for the warm welcome for Ashley and me. We are both so happy to be in the e-Club and will work to fit and and be an asset. We hope to meet you all soon.

  4. Sherri Bolton says:

    So glad to have met you both at Leo’s. Every new member brings new energy and ideas. We get better and better all the time. Again, welcome!

  5. Matthew McKinley says:

    That’s a great add! Welcome to the club!

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